AuraSim Instruments Q400 is available now!

It’s just like the one we use in the real Q400,
only without the fingermarks on the screen!
– Josh Harrison, real world Dash 8 Q400 pilot

Made in co-operation with Majestic Software – AuraSim Instruments Q400 is an electronic flight bag, which is used for calculating the performance for takeoff and landing. It adds realism to your daily flight simming. The following features apply to Q400:

– Realistic graphical design
– Takeoff and landing performance:

  • V-Speeds
  • Maximum/normal takeoff power calculations
  • Weather and airplane configuration affecting the airplane performance

– METAR/TAF information
– Switch between day and night modes
– System information of your user

The application works in your PC/OSx/Linux browser. It can be used with tablets, such as iPad.

Internet connection at all times and valid AuraSim registration required to use the program.

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